Independent Congressional Candidate for Rockland and Westchester Counties


I am a father and business owner, proud to be raising my family in our community. I’m running for Congress to bring the common sense representation the people of Rockland and Westchester Counties deserve in Washington. Like you, I see too much inaction and too many extreme ideas coming out of government these days. I am an independent candidate because I believe that freedom, free markets and limited government help create opportunity for people of all backgrounds. For our families and businesses to succeed here we need lower taxes, practical solutions and leaders who help bring communities together for the common good.

Our Country

People should have choice in healthcare. At the same time, healthcare is a human right and the government must ensure that all American can access healthcare. Medicare-for-all is unrealistic and un-American. We must incentivize healthy living because healthy citizens give more and take less from the government.

Commitment to citizens and national interests must balance with commitments to national values. The U.S. must provide shelter for political and religious asylum seekers while encouraging immigration of STEM professionals. Our laws and borders cannot be abused.

Dignity in Labor is an American right. If an American worker puts in a full week’s work, they should not have to go to the government for a handout. Employers are responsible for the dignity of labor. When employers are guided by greed, the government must step in.

Freedom of religion is an essential American right. The extreme left want the United States to become like France, where there is no room for religion and God. Josh will fight to protect those sacred rights and separations.

Education is a right and educated citizens are a national interest. Our entire educational system requires examination because it is an 19 th century model still operating in the 21 st century. We must fight to promote analysis and replication of successful endeavors such as Charter Schools and School Choice.

The future of transportation is in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) such as drones. The government must invest in the technology and air traffic control. Only the federal government can facilitate UAV and pilotless drone delivery of mail, small parcels, food, etc. Westchester and Rockland are ideal for testing UAV and traffic control protocols that can be used nationally.

The Bill of Rights affords every citizen the right to own a weapon. That right must be safeguarded with background checks and a limitation on some weapons of war. We must use technology allowing for 99% of all background checks to be completed within 3 hours.

The law belongs to the people. Sadly, lawyers have co-opted our legal system, greedily making money on the people’s law and back. Prosecutors who violate the sixth amendment and litigators who leverage legal claims for financial settlements are equally problematic. Josh will restore the law to the people. 

Our District

Communities should be free to live and evolve as they wish, but not at the expense of other communities. Both sides share a similar conservative political outlook. We are better off united and making demands of the federal government than battling it out on such a local level.

New York is not attractive to businesses. The Amazon debacle highlights how Democrat Socialists prioritized their elitist ideology over New York’s workers and good business practices. As a successful businessman, Josh will put companies and workers first and the elitists last.

The moratorium must be lifted. The moratorium is a classic example of elitist legislators who are out of touch with their constituents.

The SALT exemption is D.C. politics as usual, salt to the wound of New York’s taxpayers. The SALT exemption must be increased or restored. New York already contributes more than its fair share to the federal budget. The federal government must find the money somewhere else.

It is shameful that the federal government did not contribute one cent to a project of this size. Now it must contribute to the construction of a rail line crossing the Hudson. There must also be guaranties that the local residents do not have to pay any increase in tolls.

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