Healthcare is a human right. Every American must have access to a basic standard of healthcare. At the same time, choice is also a right, whether in healthcare or in other facets of life. Along with housing, food and education, a government must ensure that its citizens can access health services. Americans are able to work harder and smarter so that they can save money and spend it as they will. Some purchase a better home, and some better food. Some might work harder or join a union because they wish to access health services with greater choice or without having to wait. It is un-American to take choice away from those who have made sacrifices and have worked hard to earn it. Additionally, leveling the health services playing field will stifle incentive in medicine.

America’s healthcare system is the engine of medical progress in the world.  We cannot attempt to improve and fix it using the socialized systems of smaller, more homogenous nations which rely on our system’s innovations as a model.  Things like “Medicare for all” would destroy the unsurpassed quality of healthcare in this country.

Healthy citizens are a national interest and should be a national priority. The nature of the healthcare debate centers on providing services to those who have fallen ill or are suffering from chronic conditions. The debate must center on maintaining good health. The government is obligated to offer its citizens paths and incentives to good health. Positive lifestyle choices today will save trillions in healthcare costs in the years to come. Healthy citizens work more, get sick less, contribute more to their communities and pay more taxes. The technology exists to allow government and citizens to embark down this progressive path. Greater government intervention in healthcare will necessitate invasions of privacy that are far greater than those required to maintain health.

  • Propose legislation that offers tax credits for individuals willing to maintain quantifiable health standards
    • Propose funding to test such a system in the seventeenth district
  • Propose legislation requiring educational institutions to maintain health standards among its students or lose part or all of their tax-exempt status
    • A tax exemption should work in the mutual interest of those receiving it and the government who loses tax revenue
  • Medicare for all is Medicare for nobody
    • Private insurance must be an option


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