New York Business Climate

Josh will encourage New York State officials to make the state more competitive for businesses. He will also actively recruit companies to the district while working with local schools to develop cooperative programs thereby creating an attractive talent pool.

Josh is a businessman who understands what type of climate the private sector needs to succeed, and it is very clear that New York is not providing that. This state can only survive on its branding for so long. We must get back to directly competing with the other states and metropolitan areas that are poaching our businesses and residents, young and old. Josh is engaged in an intense study of areas of the country experiencing massive economic growth. As Congressmen, he will take a deeper dive into understanding how such growth can be replicated and also, where such growth is made possible by Federal laws that tilt the playing field elsewhere. Additionally, Josh has a vision of bringing the 17th District to the forefront of the newest technology. One example is to take advantage of the coming revolution in commercial shipping and other industries brought about by drone technology. Josh will work to pass legislation that improves Federal rules for drones, and work to make the 17th District a hub for this new sector.

In addition to offering the usual assistance offered by district congressional offices, Josh’s office will also offer free business and management consulting services to local small businesses. Both struggling and aspiring businesses will be helped. By helping businesses in trouble avert disaster, jobs are saved. By helping businesses grow, jobs are created. Additionally, Josh will personally work with college and graduate students who want to learn about starting a business by working with them personally in seminar settings and by creating a mentorship program with local businesspeople. In fact, his campaign office is already offering such services free to citizens in the district.


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Samuel Miele


COVID-19 has caused a sudden halt in ordinary living. For many of us, it is hard to look past this moment. It is hard to understand how we can relish this pause. Absent the threat of the Coronavirus, many of us might have welcomed a quarantine supported by trillions of

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Political Candidate - NY 17th Congressional District
Josh Eisen

Meet Josh Eisen

Throughout his life and career, Josh Eisen has earned a reputation for commitment to community and having the drive to get things done. Josh is a father of three, a successful business owner and lifelong New Yorker. Josh knows that the American Dream is real – because he’s lived it.

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Samuel Miele

SALT Exemption

Reform is needed to address issues that have arisen from the elimination of the SALT deduction which disproportionately hurts the middle class and retirees in our district. At the same time, we should recognize that New York needs deep reform to fix its excessive property tax burden. Josh supports low

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