Meet Josh Eisen

Throughout his life and career, Josh Eisen has earned a reputation for commitment to community and having the drive to get things done. Josh is a father of three, a successful business owner and lifelong New Yorker.

Josh knows that the American Dream is real – because he’s lived it. Josh’s father survived Auschwitz, slave labor and the Communist Revolution in Hungary before immigrating to the United States. Josh’s experience as the child of immigrants has inspired his love of community, pride in his heritage and commitment to ensuring that the American Dream isn’t blocked by big government intervention in our lives. He also knows that American freedom is special and cannot be taken for granted.

Josh is a fighter. Having successfully built several companies, Josh knows firsthand that hard work and discipline are the primary ingredients of success. He has created jobs, empowered his employees, been an educator and a passionate community volunteer.

As an international businessman, he understands what it will take to keep our area and America safe and competitive.

Josh knows how hard it can be for families and seniors in our area. After working his way through college at Columbia, NYU and Queens College, Josh chose to raise his family in New York to help care for his parents. He’s sees the struggle families have with healthcare costs and long-term care challenges.

Josh has faith. His religious faith and his faith in America drive him. Josh’s story exemplifies his belief that strong communities build individuals who ensure a strong nation. As our Congressman, Josh will provide leadership to ensure Rockland and Westchester communities grow stronger, building a new generation of people with the character and integrity to meet their greatest potential.


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New York Business Climate

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Natural Gas Moratorium

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