Natural Gas Moratorium

Westchester’s economy will slow down significantly due to the moratorium on new natural gas hookups. This is happening during a domestic natural gas and energy boom, no less. This story is of national significance and must be prevented with policy reform and focused improvements in infrastructure. The debate about energy should not be expressed in extreme policies that pain citizens and workers but have little impact on the lives of the legislators implementing these heartless plans.

It flies in the face of reason to freeze the natural gas supply, thereby causing untold damage to the local and regional economy. More ridiculous is doing so while the country is in an unprecedented natural gas production boom. As Congressman, Josh will roll up his sleeves and take lead on the issue by bringing together all of the various state, local, Federal, and private sector entities and individuals who simply must get their acts together to fix the problem before it gets worse. He will also, where appropriate, introduce legislation at the Federal level to help ensure that situations like this simply cannot occur again, while still respecting local input on major infrastructure projects.

  • Propose legislation that prevents radical infrastructural changes in such a short time, thereby offering communities predictability and stability while allowing larger projects to move forward at an appropriate pace


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Samuel Miele


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Political Candidate - NY 17th Congressional District
Josh Eisen

Meet Josh Eisen

Throughout his life and career, Josh Eisen has earned a reputation for commitment to community and having the drive to get things done. Josh is a father of three, a successful business owner and lifelong New Yorker. Josh knows that the American Dream is real – because he’s lived it.

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Samuel Miele

SALT Exemption

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