New Tappan Zee Bridge

The largest infrastructure project in the nation – the new Tappan Zee Bridge – should have been a triumph. The bridge was built without a funding plan and without consideration for mass transit. This shortsightedness is a missed opportunity and risks crippling toll increases. Though it would have been natural for such a project to receive federal funding, we didn’t receive a single dollar in Federal grants. This is unacceptable and can still be fixed.  Additionally, the bridge’s recent renaming under the cover of darkness erased history and ignored the desire of the residents who actually use the bridge.

Now that the bridge is a reality, we must fight to protect residents from having to pay for the lack of federal funding and a funding plan. Tolls must not be raised to absurd heights like $15, which would crush residents in the district who count on the bridge for their daily commutes.  The Federal government must financially support a regional asset on a key transport route. Its costs cannot be borne by locals. Further, the state must exempt Rockland and Westchester residents from any future toll increase, period. The federal government should also facilitate the incorporation of a must-needed second rail crossing as part of a continuation of this project. This can include mass transportation, connecting cities in Rockland county to existing lines on the Metro-north in Westchester.


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Samuel Miele


COVID-19 has caused a sudden halt in ordinary living. For many of us, it is hard to look past this moment. It is hard to understand how we can relish this pause. Absent the threat of the Coronavirus, many of us might have welcomed a quarantine supported by trillions of

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Political Candidate - NY 17th Congressional District
Josh Eisen

Meet Josh Eisen

Throughout his life and career, Josh Eisen has earned a reputation for commitment to community and having the drive to get things done. Josh is a father of three, a successful business owner and lifelong New Yorker. Josh knows that the American Dream is real – because he’s lived it.

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Samuel Miele

SALT Exemption

Reform is needed to address issues that have arisen from the elimination of the SALT deduction which disproportionately hurts the middle class and retirees in our district. At the same time, we should recognize that New York needs deep reform to fix its excessive property tax burden. Josh supports low

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